Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Princess Mousie's New Adventures - visiting Angelica

the "boys" went fishing, so I had to look after Angelica, Warren's Persian breeding Queen, 

"come Mousie, let's go see  how Angel is" .........".nooo, momsie, I don't think so, she is sooo snooty, cause she is a real persian and me is only a half" ................. "well , Mouse, you are much prettier anyway, so don't let that bother you" ......." she has a flat face momsie and she wheezes and sneezes, maybe she has germs"............" no Mouse, she has sinus problems, as she is so highly bred" .............

"she just looks sooo funny always, momsie, but she speaks in a snooty voice, she is from the suburbs she says and came 1st in a competition" ......"well, at least you normally get the food she wins, Mouse, she is only allowed Canine and she wins a lot of the other stuff, you like, so at least be nice and say thank you"

by now we are up by the cottage, but Mouse will not come inside

"I wait for you here, momsie" she says, but looks through the gate

Mousie looking

I open up the door and lets Angel out to play for a bit , when I hear a snicker by the gate

'hahahahahaha, momise, look that silly cat got shaved and has no hair left"


I also think Angel looks funny but I feel sorry for her and chastises Mouse for making fun of her

"she looks like a Poodle Dog, momsie, haaahahahaha"

by now Kiera has joined Mouse at gate and I hear more snickers and more laughing...........

I chase them both down, but when coming into the bathroom, Mouse has passed out from all the laughing and is now fast asleep................. I doubt those 2 will ever be friends?



  1. Awww, poor Angelica, she can't help looking funny.

  2. Fluffy's breeder went in for Persians after breeding the Selkirk Rex which Fluffy is. However, she said, no squashed noses and no intensive inbreeding. She had lovely persians, which showed that they can be a great cat if treated properly. Nera is also glad she is not a Persian. She laughs at Fluffy now and again, him being a Selkirk Rex. I think it is the Rastafari fur he has on top of his head, although I think she is jealous of his curly fur and whiskers (when they exist and don't break).

    1. They all have such terrible sinus problems, I feel terrible sorry for them, but she wins a lot of shows with her cats and also sells the kittens for an absolute premium. When all washed and fluffed up, they are lovely, except for the noses that is LOL ........ Mousie says, Fluffy is very handsome and she wants to be his paw pal on Facebook ........*smile*

  3. Mousie is the pretty one here. I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but Angelica is not pretty by any means. LOL