Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Anders has challenged us to make a calendar and we each choose a month for 2013.

 In my "wisdom' I chose April, it being my month of birth. 

What can be easier?

 Much teeth gnashing, when I realised, all April quotes were Spring quotes and that as we have late summer, early Autumn in April, none of my April photographs were suitable.

 As challenging as using "cold" or "snow" in the middle of my summer, but we must work with what we have, right?

I sincerely hope this will be suitable, if not, please do say so and I will happily concede April to another member or choose another month *smile*

April Calendar page

Monday, 21 January 2013

just checking in ..............

so sorry, still in the dumps, seems like the so called important things in life are not that important any longer .......... have tried and tried to write a blog, anything, be it negative or positive, just simply cannot feel it

too much happening here, stressed out my skull with everything

the memorial service went fine, the brother and in law were pleasant and no trouble, though I found it strange they did not offer to pay anything for the 3 days they stayed here, also the way they ignored my housekeeper was most disturbing, seeing Beatrice is a part of our family and has been for 25 years, she was most hurt by it ......... in short, they will not be welcome again . By the way is it common to say " yes please, tea would be lovely, I prefer earl grey" or " I only eat whole wheat bread" " prefer plain mineral water" or " do you have marmalade or honey, please" ............. I mean really, I had set out the breakfast table .................

anyway, life goes on and Michelle arrived yesterday with her husband, her husbands daughter and niece, to do some shopping and get the car services, so I better go rustle up some dinner, seeing Melissa has just arrived and Kenneth and Warren is her too. Dinner for 9 ! *sigh*

Catch you all later

Much Love

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

news in short

have been busy and not in the mood for posting, it will happen, I promise.

For those of you that have been praying for my friend Hem, thank you. Hem went home to Our Lord on Friday morning early, so we have been busy sorting stuff out for the funeral, which will be on Thursday. I am putting up some family here by us as Les is short of space, as you know we are busy converting to a bed and breakfast so I have 2 double rooms and a single that is ready and a double bathroom . Obviously still running our Office Supplies business, so life is pretty hectic.

My son has moved girlfriend in, just to add to my stress, but at least they are now both working and has promised to start paying soon (whenever soon will be, is another matter)

Our darling Kerry, my step daughter, is pregnant, it is a girl and she is half way already, due 2nd June

That's it for now, see you laters, I tend to hang out on FB when time permits, takes less energy

32 degrees C here, blue skyes, humidity of 75, so in shorts and strappy T , sweltering in office


Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Welcome 2013 and I for one hope we will all travel more this year .......... maybe visit each other? We can only dream?

Thank you Sue, for a great theme, impossible to choose, so I have done a collage

Cape Town, Simon's Town, Boulder's Beach, God's Window,  Kruger Park, Pilgrims Rest, Vic Falls, Bulawayo and Matobo National Park 


Thursday, 3 January 2013

APOLOGIES TO ALL ...............

so sorry, have missed about 2 weeks of posts here, looks like all was motivated, inspired and busy bees with their blogging and writing.

have flu, yes, in summer, no idea, how or why or from where, feel dreadful, now on 5th day in bed, totally .................... cannot think or even try to summon up an intelligent comment to any of your lovely posts or try to share any of my Christmas or New year, somehow, it does not seem so important at the moment to share my every thought or picture with anyone.

in the dumps and dead tired, so back to bed I go, have to be fresh for Monday, when we have to reopen the business, where did that lovely, long anticipated 3 weeks go off to?

please do pray for my friend Les's husband, Hem , he has bravely fought the cancer now for over a year, but is quickly loosing the battle. He said to me on new year, when we spoke by phone, that the Lord must now please hurry up and either heal him or take him. He is so brave, so full of faith, but so very tired.

Love to all