Monday, 21 January 2013

just checking in ..............

so sorry, still in the dumps, seems like the so called important things in life are not that important any longer .......... have tried and tried to write a blog, anything, be it negative or positive, just simply cannot feel it

too much happening here, stressed out my skull with everything

the memorial service went fine, the brother and in law were pleasant and no trouble, though I found it strange they did not offer to pay anything for the 3 days they stayed here, also the way they ignored my housekeeper was most disturbing, seeing Beatrice is a part of our family and has been for 25 years, she was most hurt by it ......... in short, they will not be welcome again . By the way is it common to say " yes please, tea would be lovely, I prefer earl grey" or " I only eat whole wheat bread" " prefer plain mineral water" or " do you have marmalade or honey, please" ............. I mean really, I had set out the breakfast table .................

anyway, life goes on and Michelle arrived yesterday with her husband, her husbands daughter and niece, to do some shopping and get the car services, so I better go rustle up some dinner, seeing Melissa has just arrived and Kenneth and Warren is her too. Dinner for 9 ! *sigh*

Catch you all later

Much Love


  1. It will take time to get over losing such a dear friend. Sorry you and Beatrice had to put up with such ignorant people.

    Sounds like a family banquet about to start!! Keep soldiering on, things will get better (((HUGS)))

  2. I had stopped blogging for weeks and weeks and weeks, now it feels better to blog.... this is a start for you, sounds like terrible guests, did they know they were to pay? Dinner for 9, I used to love doing that, now not so much.... lol.... but if I ever get to SA I would love to be at one of your family dinners, feels like I know them all! hugs....

    1. It does help to blog, Monica, but finding the time and the energy is so difficult. I have so much to say, but really feel it is most probably boring stuff and also, once you start blogging again, you feel obliged to look at others post, I don't have the ooomph, to come up with my usual bubbly friendly positive comments. Have no idea what is wrong with me, feel like a deep negative black hole. Has managed to upset all the kids and husband too, and you know, I do not care ! Tired of being nice and being stood on, taken for granted and used and abused.

    2. You have had so much on your plate, you can be excused for being a bit absent. I on the other hand, just can't seem to get in the mood. Not sure if it is the winter blahs, or just finally getting to relax since the holidays and still in that lazy mode.
      Such a shame your guests were so rude. You really learn a lot about people with someone's passing though. People surprise constantly - both good and bad...

  3. Just take each day as it comes my darling. We are not going anywhere and are always here for you. Please never forget that you are loved.

    Shame on your nasty guests. Little do they know that what goes around comes around.
    Yes it IS common to say yes please and to use the manners you were hopefully taught by your parents.

    I hope your new guests help with getting the meals on the table. It is the least they can do.

    It is a good sign you have started posting again my dear. Time is all you need.

    Loves you Babe.