Wednesday, 19 December 2012

soooo ................. ready for Christmas ..............

19th December 2012 , 6 days to Christmas Eve and I am ready for it ...........


The Tree is up , for what it's worth ............bought a tiny little thing last year, as I was tired 
of the big tree and all the decorations for it .............


My Mother's Christmas Tablecloth is on the outside table with my Poinsettia on it

Mors Dug

even got my Christmas stocking up, ready for my presents .............

Christmas Stocking

put lights and baubles on the love-palm in the passage to spread some cheer
there as well ........................


we are not doing presents this year, so no shopping, got the leg of lamb and the gammon
so just need to go get veggies and make the rice pudding ...........

bring it on ..............

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Princess Mousie's New Adventures - visiting Angelica

the "boys" went fishing, so I had to look after Angelica, Warren's Persian breeding Queen, 

"come Mousie, let's go see  how Angel is" .........".nooo, momsie, I don't think so, she is sooo snooty, cause she is a real persian and me is only a half" ................. "well , Mouse, you are much prettier anyway, so don't let that bother you" ......." she has a flat face momsie and she wheezes and sneezes, maybe she has germs"............" no Mouse, she has sinus problems, as she is so highly bred" .............

"she just looks sooo funny always, momsie, but she speaks in a snooty voice, she is from the suburbs she says and came 1st in a competition" ......"well, at least you normally get the food she wins, Mouse, she is only allowed Canine and she wins a lot of the other stuff, you like, so at least be nice and say thank you"

by now we are up by the cottage, but Mouse will not come inside

"I wait for you here, momsie" she says, but looks through the gate

Mousie looking

I open up the door and lets Angel out to play for a bit , when I hear a snicker by the gate

'hahahahahaha, momise, look that silly cat got shaved and has no hair left"


I also think Angel looks funny but I feel sorry for her and chastises Mouse for making fun of her

"she looks like a Poodle Dog, momsie, haaahahahaha"

by now Kiera has joined Mouse at gate and I hear more snickers and more laughing...........

I chase them both down, but when coming into the bathroom, Mouse has passed out from all the laughing and is now fast asleep................. I doubt those 2 will ever be friends?




Baby is happy to take from the syringe, we feed every 2 hours, 1ml of special hand rearing feed for soft bills ............. tried to fly a bit today, but went flop on to floor

then decided can now sit on perch, but it was outside cage as I had just fed it, at 6am

is the little thing not too precious?

Sparrrow Fledgling day 4  

I think , it was sent to me to make up for the one I lost...

due to stupidity when out of nest and drowned, while I was making up my mind what to do? 

Monday, 17 December 2012


it never stops, when people know you take in birds...........newest addition, a little sparrow fledgling found at the local shopping centre in the middle of car-park. Susan brought it ................

cage ready, assess situation, seems as if a gammy foot and maybe a damaged little beak, could still right itself, but I reckon we have a permanent tenant here.............  make up feed for soft beaks, different from baby feed for the budgies and mousebirds, the same as for weaver, so lucky we had some in fridge, mind you we have all sorts ready always, syringes, anti-biotic, oil, leg splints etc. 

Day One was Saturday  and today, little one has got so clever, it now opens mouth when syringe comes into the cage. Prefer to sit on Daddy's finger while being fed, do not like being held in hand, my guess is , will soon start to eat the seeds on offer in cage, then we can reassess, if going into big aviary with the other permanent guests, namely 3 Mousebirds, 1 female Weaver, 1 laughing dove and 1 rock pigeon with broken wing ................ *sigh*

Sparrow Day On e
Day One
Sparrow Fledgling Day one
Day 2
Sparrow Day Two
Day 3
Sparrow 2 Day Two
Day 3

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

IMAGES AND WORDS - SPECIAL - 12/12/12 12h12

If anyone has heard the news or is going to read the news .............. I confess ..........It was me!

"Crazy woman spotted today, storming out of hairdressers with wet hair, jumping into car and speeding through Fairlands, wrong way around circle, not stopping at Stop Street, nearly crashing into parking barrier and subsequently parking Kia Sportage  across 2 lanes at Pick'n Pay Shopping Centre .................what for you might ask? Who ? The story goes, she had a challenge and was running late, apparently nearly landed up having to do challenge at the local cemetery, due to a very long line of cars for centre holding her up. Well what did she need to do? Take a picture at 12h12 for Anders in Sweden, at Images and Words on Blogger"

Well they all can shake their heads , write what they want. I got my prize at the right time!

12 / 12/ 12 at 12h12

Now that was fun

Merry Christmas everyone

Monday, 10 December 2012

Happy Christmas from Zimbabwe

are they not too precious *sniff* ........ my Michelle and the Blaze boy............

Is he in hospital or at home, with doctors in attendance ?????

Doctors flew to Mandela in Qunu

2012-12-09 10:00
Former president Nelson Mandela is back in hospital, but there is “no cause for alarm”.

Presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj announced this in a statement issued from Tanzania yesterday.

Maharaj said Madiba (94) was admitted to a hospital in Pretoria “to undergo tests”, but would not disclose which hospital.

“Madiba was doing well and there is no cause for alarm.”

But those close to, or associated with, Mandela seemed to be in the dark and in the Eastern Cape there was confusion about Madiba’s movements.

South African Air Force sources yesterday told City Press that no flight from Mthatha had been undertaken with Madiba on board.

Maharaj insisted Madiba was in Pretoria.

City Press has learnt that the medical staff in charge of Madiba’s health decided in February, the last time he was flown to Pretoria for tests, that he would no longer travel by plane because of his frail health.

At least three military planes have flown to Mthatha since Friday, with doctors and medical equipment on board.

The first was on Friday when Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe was due to visit Madiba, but eventually he declined to go and the plane left with a general from the South African Military Health Service and another doctor on board.

Yesterday morning a second team of doctors left for Qunu from Air Force Base Waterkloof in Pretoria, accompanied by a Hercules C30 cargo plane with medical equipment and an ambulance on board.

About 20 additional medical personnel were also on board.

At 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, where Madiba was admitted in February, there was no unusual activity last night and reporters were allowed entry to the hospital.

In February, journalists were kept far away from the hospital entrance.

Ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Madiba’s daughter, Zindzi, were at the Soweto Derby at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg when the news broke. They were unaware of his medical situation.

Sello Hatang, spokesperson for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, said he didn’t know about Mandela’s hospitalisation.

“They have issued a press release?” he asked when told about Maharaj’s statement.

ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza was also unaware of Madiba’s hospitalisation when asked for comment.
City Press phoned several family members who all declined to comment.

Maharaj said Mandela had been flown to Pretoria yesterday. He could not say how long Mandela would spend in hospital.
- City Press

My unofficial post for Picture This - Water in Motion

 had a busy weekend, was trying to shoot for the theme, as I thought that might be more fun ............. my pond, the water feature and the hose pipe, in the end proved to be less than inspiring , never mind cooperating subjects. 

I have however posted them on my own site, just as a "fun" blog ..................... *groans*

to see the official entry, taken from archives , yet again ......... *sigh* go to

The Water Feature in front garden

 Moving Water 1

From the tap by the pond in The Atrium

 Moving water

Russell assisting with the hosepipe, watering the Delicious Monster

Moving water 2

Now , all you bright sparks, how do we capture Moving Water, correctly????????


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Former President Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital ...........

no cause for alarm , they say ....................

Wishing you well Tata. Get better soon, we need you here for a long long time still. 

President Jacob Zuma said in a statement that there was no cause for concern.
"As said before, former President Mandela will receive medical attention from time to time which is consistent with his age," spokesperson Mac Maharaj said.
There was no cause for alarm, said Maharaj.
"President Zuma assures all that Madiba is doing well and there is no cause for alarm. We wish Madiba all the best. The medical team is assured of our support as they look after and ensure the comfort of our beloved founding President of a free and democratic South Africa."
The Presidency appealed to the media and the public to respect the privacy of Mandela and his family. – Sapa.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Birds of a feather .................

It always amazes me that the birds in the garden knows me so well ............... early morning, just after 6am when I have finished feeding the budgie babies (yes we are still feeding, now 
4 1/2 weeks) 

Look at me now, 5 weeks old, feathers and a smile, a real little charmer
Boomer can also fly ............. nearly ready to eat on own.........


Boomer, baby 4 at just one week old........... Baby 4 - day 9

Is it not amazing, I am exhausted yes, but looking at the progress, so worth 
it ............. we lost baby number 5 *sniff* little Poppet got a sour crop infection 
on the 10th day and after antibiotics and a vets visit at great cost, gave up
the fight on day 18. Melissa fought so hard for the little one, every hour, a drop
of cool chamomile tea and antibiotic, trying to clear the infection. 

So very small and yet we managed for 18 days, if not for the infection, would have 
been another success.

 Baby 3 and Baby 5 on day 8 before the infection

Baby 3 and 5 - day 8

We buried her in the vegetable garden under the white bougainvillea where I had 
to bury Pookie, our first hand reared mousebird a couple of weeks ago. 

When finished with the inside birds, off I go with my plate of  goodies .....bonemeal, paw paw, banana, apple, cheese, cucumber and bread crumbs plus the full seed bottle. ............... as soon as I walk down the stairs in my blue dressing gown ...there is a flutter of wings and the tree is full, plus on the lawn in front , waiting...........................

"We see her"  ......................shouts the lookouts, 2 speckled mousebirds
right on top of the old tree..................

2 lttle mousebirds early morning

"There she comes............."         shouts the   Dark-Capped Bulbuls

Dark capped bulbul

"me first, me first"........ begs the Olive Thrush waiting on lawn as I always 
throw her a couple of pieces first, she has babies in the bush behind the bird
 bath, need to feed them so she gets first so she don't have to fight the others 
for a piece. 

Olive Thrush

The Hadeda Ibis also enjoyes a piece of bonemeal, I am still looking for a ring on the 
leg .........missing Laurel ..........I think this one is Kevin, he is very tame.........

Hadea on lawn with bonemeal

We are discussing this morning's menu, I think ?

Mr Weaver and Mr Bulbul

Good Morning ........

Birds of a feather

Fiscal Shrike enjoying some bonemeal

Fiscal Shrike

there is space for everyone at the bird table................... 

 Red Bishop and House Sparrow sharing the bread crumbs IMG_3664

now that is the start of my day.....

.............quickly get the breakfast tray for the man and get showered , dressed and into 

the office.............

Message from Shayna aka shaynacwings..........

Tried to put out a general message but could not, Shayna  has send me a text me that her computer has finally died ............ estimated time off line is 2 weeks. 

"please let my friends know" she said. Anyone know of a way to get a message to Shayna's friends that I don't know??

THURSDAY RAMBLES ..............................

Thursday  again ! .............. I say that every Thursday, lately.  I cannot believe how quick the weeks they run and yet a day can drag .................. Want to go to shops, no not really want to , I have to, again, yesterday was  short 2 pressies for the clients *grumble*  Today Beatrice comes with her shopping list for the house, she made on Saturday and looks at me "When?"

*grumble* *groans* *growls*   I simply hate shopping and 3 times in one week is too much. 

Trying to write a couple of thoughts in between my work. Wrapping the dreaded presents and putting the labels on them was this mornings hated task ......................

I forgot to tell you about my trip to the local market on Sunday, now that is more like shopping I do like, though it was so busy, I soon felt quite claustrophobic, it is in a parking garage under a shopping centre  not the best location, but I knew that my friend Clive Rupuya from Clive's Wire Emporium would be there. I often buy from him , he is so talented. He is actually from Kenya, not South African, but has lived here many years and is friends with Joel from whom I get a lot of my other African art pieces,  he has a shop up by Hartebeespoort Dam, but will deliver to Clive if I cannot get up there. 

Here is some of Clive's pieces:

Guinea Fowls Wire Guineafowl


assortment ................ look at those lions 

These are one of the reasons why I had to go to the post office yesterday:


now don't spill the beans, anyone...... 'kay.................secret.................


at the market was also some cute little gift plants

Christmas Flowers

some very cute kids................little girl in red boots, got a smile from her, when I asked was she tired, could I take her got permission from mother...........

little girl at shop

 and another little cutie, who mother tells me , has mouth full of chocolate..............

  little girl

seems to me this turned into not a ramble , but more of a photo blog, guess I am too tired to ramble much. This year has been a long difficult year............ I soooooo need a proper break Wish we could take a week off and go somewhere off all by ourselves. 

The only time we have had off is Russell going fishing with the boys, 5 days,  me off to Zimbabwe to see Michelle 5 days  and the one weekend with Steven and Amy in Parys

If we could get off, with Melissa looking after the place, somewhere close by, but still far away, in case of emergency....................... oh dream on.................

have just spoken to Les, they went to the Magaliesberg for a midweek break very cheap, have asked her to please find out if there is space ............ *sigh* , pray for me.......

Tired tired tired, here goes press Publish, you can do it ..............have a birds in the garden  photo blog for u later

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Good Morning , Happy Wednesday

Luke 19:10
'For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost!'
- God does not want to see anyone lost.
- He persistently and passionately pursues each of us.
- He will not let you or your family, slip from His hands.
- He will not give up on anyone and that includes you
PRAYER: Lord, thank You for Your persistence with me. You are my Lord and I commit my life and my future into Your hands. Amen.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas shops, Hoola Hoops and cows???

oh dear, this time of year , I am so not good at shopping at this time of year, though seeing they started the decorations in October alreday, I really should not be moaning, today was the day ........................

had to go do the dreaded Client shop for the company, the gifts last year ( hampers bought on our behalf to give to Hampers against Hunger) did not go down well with most of our African order girls.... unbelivable the way it is always " me, me and me"...........guess one of the  reasons our continent is in such trouble, anyway, did not mean to go all political , not on this one, maybe , for sure , another day............. *smile*

 all the shops are playing Christmas Carols, while shopping............

today more fun ............... so not ........... as this is now stuck in my poor little head 

"Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys and time for cheer
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
Want a plane that loops the loop
Me, I want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late."


Funny enough the piece I keep singing over and over again, is 

" I just wanna a hoolahoop......"  Melissa is laughing at me so hard, she threatens me to buy me a hoolahoop for christmas, I think that could be quite fun don't you? 

I can play and get fit at the same time.............. I used to be quite good at it and I see they are back in the shops again.

not my picture ( but pretty close to when I was 18.......*winks*)

I think that would be a splendid idea, top of my wish list...........

I just want a hoola hoop .........

 At The Coin Shop I saw this interesting piece in the middle of the tiny shop and just had to ask, why ??

Apparently this was one of the cows that travelled all over the world for the Chocolate Foundation. I cannot find any info on it though, but the manager tells me a charitable outreach programme and they bought this well travelled cow, after the event. Made me think of Milli and Zeeber visiting, bet this one also has a few stamps in passport, but why can I get no info on Google. Anyone heard of this????? Now I want to know more, might have to go back to the shopping centre again *groans* ............. the thought of it ............mind you there was loads of interesting things to shoot and  my camera battery went dead after 3 shots............ kid you not.........typical....... might have to make another trip, then?

Now where did I put that piece of chocolate??  

Monday, 3 December 2012

CHRISTMAS's PAST AND PRESENT ..................

Christmas’s pasts and present………………..

We are in the middle of what we in our business calls “the silly season” being that the suppliers are busy stocking up the large retail shops with “Back to School” specials and the clients are rushing around wanting to use up the last of their budget, so stocking up on paper and cartridges, pens and  pencils for the new year, half the items are out of stock and delivery delays are many *sigh* ………so cannot wait for the 14th , our last official working day. I know we will still be busy and this year will not be able to take a break. Last year we went to Durban for Kerry’s wedding and it was lovely to get away from it all, even if just for the 3 nights. This year Beatrice has warned me “I am going home on the 14th, not waiting till last minute, you know the taxi was full and was late and, and, and, and ……..”  *groans*

So peace and quiet will rein in the house, we have to do month end obviously, but also stock take and year end. I finished the archiving of 2010, so that is wonderful, still have filing to do, the dreaded F Word  …………… 

Melissa and Chris are off to the Kruger National Park, Mozambique and then Christmas with Michelle in Zimbabwe ……….. Kerry is preggies and cannot travel, so going to her mother in Durban, Kenneth will be here *sigh* ……… Warren will be with Susan at her mothers with the girls and Steven and Amy cannot leave the farm.

I sit and  remember my childhood Christmas’s and wonder, where did the feeling of magic disappear to. Is it only as a child you have that anticipation, counting the days on the advent calendar……nearly having butterflies in the stomach as the big day comes closer, the magic of the decorations, the candles every night, the little rituals …… so well known and loved…..baking of cookies, making marzipan sweets by the fire and candle light in the evening. Special smells, I remember like yesterday…….oranges with cloves pushed into them, the expensive Christmas ones, so rare, we only ever bought 4 ………. The log fire with some pine cones burning with it. Today when I smell pine wood burning, I think of Christmas, the two are so intertwined………….. I wonder was it because I left home so young and came so far away, that the whole  magic disappeared, a change of continents and rituals…………. 

(Christmas 1967, I was 12, with my favorite aunt that I secretly thought was my real mother.My sister 9, my mother and my dog, Pelle, a fox terrier)

Still so dear to my heart the memories of days long gone, people gone, forgotten……………. The Church Bells ringing to service at 4pm on Christmas Eve, the people frantically running for the last shopping, the harried shop keepers also wanting to go home to their families.  The twinge of frost in the air and the first snow flakes falling. My legs all itchy and I am fidgeting on the church bench while my mother gently tries to quiet me ………… angels hair stock in my thick red Christmas stockings, the new ones, like a pantyhose, so the tops don’t fall down and they are nice and warm around my bum and back as they were bought a bit big to grow into. The itchy Falklands jersey under my blue pinafore that mother made herself, on the machine with a new pattern bought. I can see it; it was a lovely royal blue corduroy material, ever so smart. At home the special dinner is simmering in the oven, roast pork and medister polse, like a seasoned pork sausage, sugar glased baby potatoes , boiled normal potatoes, pickled red cabbage and lovely rich gravy. We are allowed a nisseol each , (this is a non alcoholic rich beer brew with a rich white foam head on) ………………. Soft carols are playing in the background and we have a special rice pudding for dessert ( ris ala mande) made with pudding rice, cream and almonds. One whole almond in the bowl, the winner gets a marzipan pig. We carefully chew or suck each piece, cannot break the special almond, have to be whole to claim the prize. We had to wash the dishes and pack all away too, oh the anticipation, I got a tummy ache and needed the bathroom, every year ( my father convinced just to avoid washing dishes and would wait for me)………. At last, finished, we wait in the hall , there is rustling and whispers and I hop from one leg to the other, while my sister fidgets beside me…….the door opens………..aaawww, it is beautiful, the best tree ever, the biggest, the star on top reaching right up to the ceiling, just touching, silver, gold and red and green crystal balls, angels hair, the Danish Flags on string draped around it and the live candles burning bright. The tree was brought all the way from the forest on the other side of the island, we went to buy it last weekend, with the neighbor in their truck and the forestry delivered the tree we chose just 2 days ago, while it stood outside, by the tool room waiting just for today. Underneath is piled high parcels in lovely wrapping paper and gaily colored ribbon in bows with twirls on the ends. My mother taught me how to make the twirls on the ribbon with the back end of a pair of scissors.

I remember more recent Christmas’s, when the children months in advance would ask us what are the plans for Christmas Day ………. As per usual, was my answer, everyone comes here ……….we had up to 30 people on Christmas day, everyone brought something. Russell’s ex –wife always did the Glazed Ham and Lesley her sister, who passed away 2 years ago in January, did a cheesecake. I always made the bread and did a fruit salad. Peter, the brother, would buy a ready cooked Turkey from Woolworths and all the cousins would come too. My children went to their father that day, the first couple of years we were together, but slowly started drifting over here as we had so much more fun. Granny Pam always did the coleslaw, her secret recipe with yogurt, fresh cream and peanuts. Yummy. The older cousins would bring sweets and the young wife of Craig, would bring a salad. The very first great grand child for Granny Pam.

Then I remember back to my marriage to the children’s father  and Christmas juggling between my Danish traditions and his family get together. The family always seemed so divided, the daughter in laws fighting for attention from GrannyM, , the age differences between their children and ours were huge, as he  was the youngest of 5 and we married late, so where mine was babies, theirs were already teenagers. The closest in age was a cousin who married young and had twins when my twins were 3 years old. Early in our marriage I would try to enforce our tradition of Christmas on the 24th. The tree was up and soft music playing in English, strange to my ears. I bought a Danish Christmas music tape the one year I went to visit, but he did not like it, could not understand the words

       Crystalle, my step daughter , here 4, had the mumps, Michelle is just 8 months old.

Everything red, green and gold, nisser crawling and elves in corners, I would take some branches from the fir tree in the park and decorate. 

Christmas in 32 deg C is very difficult …………. Roast leg of pork with crackling, glazed baby potatoes, pickled red cabbage and gravy. Rice Pudding……….. I tried so hard …………

Kenneth and Melissa , 6 years later, their first Christmas........look at the wonder and joy in those little faces, just for a teddy bear. *smile*

Strange one of the traditions my children always settle on is the Rice Pudding and a Tree up on the 24th. Otherwise it would not be real Christmas and Russell is so understanding and sweet, he happily tries to sing with to the Danish Carols.

Over the years the children drift off and have to try to juggle celebrations with their partners family too, which is not easy either. We always had the understanding that we had an open house, let us know the week before, we will fit in. Now we are lucky if we can gather half the clan together on Boxing Day. It seems so much trouble to go to, just for 3 or 4 of us, not the same ………….. Kenneth has asked can Meghan come. She is welcome, but I don’t know if we are doing anything special the  24th. “at least make rice pudding” he wails. 25 and the one thing he wants is rice pudding.*smile*

 I spoke to Amy’s mother yesterday, Amy is married to Russell’s youngest son and I get on well with her parents. We chatted a bit and I broached the subject, that Amy and I had spoken about Christmas Day and was she coming by to the farm too and so on ………… “Of course, Amy told me you are coming down, to help with the horses again, is going to be so nice to see you, what should we cook?” …………. and blah and blah and so heartwarming and welcoming it was, no longer feeling like a lost fart but needed and welcome …………… “ hope you are baking the bread again”, was her parting shot ……… “and please bring the twins if they are around” We will take Kenneth and Warren with us again, they can help Steven with the sheep and maybe we can go on an outride down to the river, time my riding boots got dusted off and my bum in the saddle again …………… yes , it will be Christmas again and yes , we are a family and we will all cope, with the ones not with us and missing or gone beyond being thought of and my mother so very far away……it might not be the same as in years gone past, but time for new traditions, a new life…….all will be okay …………….anyway in my little corner of the world.