Monday, 15 April 2013


I cannot believe how long ago it is that I tried to string more than 2 words together, never mind try to write a blog. When I think how often I used to sit and pour my heart out to you all, with probably mundane things that had happened or I thought some of you might find interesting.

somehow, the need, the absolute necessity to share every minute of my day and every thought I have with people who I have never met and might never meet in person, seems to have eluded me totally. 

What used to be the highlight of my day, to peep in and see what all had been up to, no longer seems necessary. You are all still in my thoughts, though and I miss you all dearly. 

My friends here say I have become a recluse, I don't go anywhere, see anyone, I hardly leave the house, except for when Russell absolutely refuse to go out to the shops again or he personally drags me of somewhere. If I have to go out, I rush and am back in safety within an hour.

I decline invitations, was invited out last week, found an excuse, Russell was fishing, too far, could not drive alone after dark etc. Yesterday was Paul's memorial. I had all the intentions of going, but got so busy in the office with orders and quotes that the time passed.I doubt I have stopped crying since last week. It is all so senseless.

On a happier  note we did collect over R2600.00 to the feed the giraffe fund, so that was nice news, I have also received pledges from local businesses. 

Today we are invited for lunch at The Danish Society, the Danish Boys Choir is visiting  SA and we have all been invited to go. After lunch will be Bingo. Only R 150.00 for the lunch , the small concert and R30.00 per bingo plate. I am sure it would be a fun event and see all the fellow Danes and catch up. I simply cannot face it. Monday Nite the Choir is singing in the Nazarene Hall at Pretoria and Jensen Safaris, Holger Krogsgaard has sent us an email inviting us to the performance and a buffet at his guest house afterwards. It is too late at night, a week night, too far .............

You get the picture? I sit at the pc all day, combing through Facebook, posting pictures, taking part in debates on the groups I am a member of eg Save the Rhino and The Rhino Fund etc

I am behind with my filing yet again and have to get the creditors up to date, have to do vat return next week. Also have to go back to SARS need to change my surname as they don't seem to be able to understand that Mrs Taylor is the same person as Ms Klint and merge the two. For heavens sake, give them the tax  number and the id number , can they not merge it, no, have to take certified copies of marriage certificate and id and proof of residence and more, hope that will now solve problem. 

It is raining and cold, matching my mood, though I did smile this morning as little Vinkie flitted over my head at 7am shouting for his feed to be put in the bowl by the aviary  Cannot believe it is nearly 4 years now. July 2009 we found the little weaver fledgling and hand raised him. He stayed in a cage in the office for 4 months, then into the aviary, then got ringed and documented and set free. Every morning he meets me at aviary for his feed and then go back to the big tree on the border of the neighbour where he has his wives and nests. He is our biggest success story. 

In the middle of writing this blog, we had an emergency

RUSSELL 0823358457

All of Saturday afternoon and night and Sunday morning spent searching, then made posters and handed them out all over. I had given up hope and started sobbing uncontrollable as a little child, sure I would never ever see or hold my darling again. 

I had given a flyer to our local Beagle Watch Security and that paid off, about 20 minutes later he marched up to the gate with 3 young men who had spotted Mouse in the bushes and after being shown the picture remembered and went and found her. She was hot, dirty and smelly, I think she drank a whole litre of water out the tap, as she prefers, when safely inside the bathroom. Never have I felt such a hot little body before. I was concerned she might have a fever, but after cooling her with wet towels and getting her fed, she felt better. Her and I slept on the bed all afternoon, curled up together. What a fright. Poor hubby is now bankrupt as there was big claims on the reward money. 

Now before I get fired as assistant admin and friend, I better move my butt over to Picture This and do my rounds and post my entry for the week. 

Maybe should try out Daily Prompt to keep in contact more. Big apologies. Much Love to all. 


  1. I saw in FB that mousie had gone AWOL and was glad to see she returned. Yes, I have been there and done that and can feel your worry so much. Our Fluffy disappeared for two days some years ago, he could then still see. We suspect he was trapped somewhere and was eventually released. He came back on his own, and I think he also slept about two days afterwards. It is a shock when it happens.
    Otherwise I can understand you not going anywhere or doing very much. I prefer to be at home, in the garden, just doing my own thing. Actually computer is fairly restricted, just the morning and an hour or so in the evening, but not so much during the day - I now have an iPad which I can tune into now and again. I don't even do very much FB, mainly my daily prompt on WordPress, that does me and a couple of challenges.

    1. Thank you Pat, for popping in, am going to pull myself together, towards myself and carry on. Might join your WordPress, so I can get motivated more. I enjoy your writings, hardly miss a one, I think. Hugs.

  2. am so very glad that the beautiful and regal ms mousie is safely home, I have experienced the terror at such a loss and the overwhelming relief when said pet is home again.... am sorry you are going through a kind of depression, which I too understand, sigh... I am sure the shorter and darker days don't help you.... I think your spirit will resurface given time to rest, no apologies needed as I think most of us don't place or shouldn't place expectations on our friends.... As far as blogging goes, I just started a little blogging again as I make headway in this recovery, it's a day by day thing.... hugs...
    [I only get over here once or twice a week ~ see you on f/b]

    1. I cannot believe how absolute silly frightened I was. It really scares me, that I love that little thing so very much. Gave me a bit of a wake up call and a fright. Going to try to be around in a positive way a bit more. FB is okay but can be a bit shallow and I think my real life "friends" are totally fed up with me by now, not just that but I get so entrenched in some of the groups and writings, it takes me over. Right now, I am totally Boycott China, mad ............. reminds me of my young "hippie" days, "save the whale" and Human Rights for all. Crumbs, give me a soap box and I am off again, just need a long skirt, long hair, glass bead necklace and a guitar ............... maybe it is menopause? rofl

  3. Thank goodness you have got your beloved Mousie back. I know the pain you felt my dear. That is a beautiful photo of her. Love the cute bird ones too.

    It must be the planets or something because I have been the same as Pat and yourself.

    Big huggles darling.

  4. reading you...your words...remembering how it used to be...and i got all choked up...
    i want to say sorry...i want to apologize...for not making more of an effort read..stay in touch and to write...for coming close to giving up....will make a sincere effort now on...

    we all battle with our highs n lows marianne...but remember...each one of us can do better than give

    1. darling sonny, so happy to see you back and blogging too, Facebook is not the same and neither is Blogspot but at least we have been able to stay in touch. soldier on is what we must do

      I am so busy these days, with rhino projects, simply have to do a blog soon again, but hardly anyone left here to read it is there.

      make sure you do a link on facebook as you literally have to check here manually to pick up new posts.