Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi all, I have not been out too much or seeing anything interesting, so no new blog except I went past to say hello to Lee and Washington and managed to get a photograph of the progress on the wire car. 

This car is actually an order from Afcon,  the Africa Cup of Nations Cup which was  hosted here in South Africa, during January this year.   It went totally wrong as originally they had ordered 2 cars for the FNB Johannesburg stadium, for a competition by one of the sponsors Nissan South Africa. 

Other artists apparently was also approached and the winning wire car, closest to the design given them by Nissan or the picture, I am not so sure. Language barriers.But the winning price would be a car. So obviiously great excitement. 

I could not quite understand the way that Washington explained it but seems as if the order was cancelled though a deposit had been paid so he could buy the wire and get it going. One of the Nissan branches has now agreed to take the one car, they are building at the original price. 

They arrived while I was there, a couple of very elegant ladies, looking totally out of place on that pavement and not too happy to see me chatting to the guys, with my camera. 

Washington told me to please come see him, he has a business proposition for me .............. yes, sounds interesting so will keep you updated. 


  1. I'm glad to hear they are taking at least one of the cars they ordered. I'm looking forward to hearing what Washington's business proposition is.

    1. I will keep popping past to take photos of car, also want to have a look at the design they were given. Sounds an interesting story. No idea what Washington has in mind, but if he is looking for a financial backer, he chose the wrong person . I got no money. LOL