Thursday, 28 February 2013

The people in my what a meeting....

Was on my way to the hairdresser, just a quick trim to get the curlie whirlies out my face, off my ears and neck ........when my little eye spot something interesting and car does a handbrake wheelie and u-turn ( kid you not, I still can ,when needed) 

oh yes you might ask and now what ? 

Meet The Artists ................. we spent 1/2 hour  together , chatting , taking pics and having a laugh and I was late for my appointment, but lucky for me, Svetla just laughs and say , take a seat , have a glass of wine, will be with you now now, the South African way. 

At first my now brand new best friends,  were not too sure, worried a competitor would steal their design, but chatting established the trust...............

meet The Entrepreneur, Washington, behind it all. Washington , yes that is his name. My people tend to take some very grandiose names at times, borrowed from history or famous actors, though a lot is named Innocent, Patience, Prudence, Beauty, Lucky too. The names is so descriptive at times of where their parents were and what they were doing at the time. All has a second name too, a native name, Fenyang, conqueror; Kopano, united; Lerato ( my favourite, Love); Letshego,armament; Moswen, light in colour, there is so very many and they all mean something different to that parent at that special time of birth of their baby. 

I digress as usual when talking of my beloved adopted country

Washington is so clearly The Boss ....................every one hides until he now decides, I am okay, I have been accepted. 

Washington is originally from Zimbabwe."I have a work permit" and proceed to show me, I tell him not about permits, it is all about him and his friends and the work they do to support their family so far away in a country torn apart from war and internal distrust and corruption and following poverty. 

He now decides, I am his friend and I must meet his fellow artist, his mate, his friend across the road, who is working on a special project. Making a car design out of just wire. Wow!

Meet Lee, also from Zimbabwe, he says from Harare, while Washington is from Bulawayo, but really could be anywhere in between, as all are too scared to be too honest in front of a white Lady........... a mhlophe umfazi is fine, I understand..........

 Just look at the intricate way he puts the wire together to literally weave the design. 


Then the fun begins, the man in the second photograph decides I am okay too, though not wanting to reveal his name wants in on it ...................... we are now posing and Umfazi must make 3 copies and maybe bring a cold drink too, we are very thirsty working in this hot sun and ask your friends, we need your support, they must come buy some stuff and we can fix the canvas from the painting you like an roll it to post overseas ( yeh , right, that is ,when we do not have yet another postal strike as now and I find all the post for the street in the bin at corner, okay okey dokey, yet another story for another day, I know)

  All going to try to fit in the wire car?

no no no, Washington is at the robot , eh is trying to sell us something, we are driving past in a BMW.

I totally crack up , am now laughing so much, can hardly hold the camera. 

Born actors my new friends'. 

 a long  time since I last had such a laugh in such wonderful company. 

Thank you my friends, Washington, Lee and selected unnamed. 


  1. Oh, wow...what a wonderful bunch of people you met here!! So creative, and so much fun :-)) I'm loving these posts about the people in your town!!

    BTW, sent you an e-mail about hosting the PT challenge.

    1. Thanks for popping past, Mitch, I do have another one in mind, if it pans out, over the weekend,.

      yes I have emailed you back

    2. Another one?? Great!! I'll look forward to that!!

      Have replied to your mail about hosting.

  2. They had fun, and I'm sure you had too! What kind of creative guys!

    1. We all had fun. They are really amazing. I am blown over by the people I meet and the friendliness exuding from them all. So happy my darling husband gave me the idea.

  3. I like your 'The people in my town' series and this blog is really excellent. Very interesting artworks, yes that's art! If I were you, I would also have a great fun meeting with those people... Thanks for sharing!

  4. yes I can see you with me here, Belita, you would love it.

  5. The art is beautiful, so full of colour. Something I love very much. Your new friends look to be a lot of fun too.

    After this mornings DIY with my hair I need to see my hairdresser asap. LOL I wonder if I will have the same sort of luck as you and see something wonderful.

    1. just drive slowly and observe, Shayna, I see something interesting every day, all I have to do is just get rid of this "every day" and look at it with new eyes. I am sure every one has something interesting in their towns. If every day and normal to them, might not be too others. "take a minute, stop smell the roses"