Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Blog that was and got lost and found .............................

well well well, Sunday again............. how the week flies, the days seems to stand still at times and the clock don't move. I cannot belive that we are nearly half way through the year as well. Today is 2nd June. The good news is that only 3 months to Spring. 1st September here we come and this year it is a Sunday, so have already send out the invites for our annual Spring Barbecue. Everyone welcome. The event of the year, now we moved Christmas down to the farm for celebrations. 

Sitting in the office, trying to get pulled together for month end accounts, but musing and thinking, trying to avoid the dreaded F'word ........... Filing. 

Why do I hate filing so much? It seems pointless at the time  putting all those papers into the "right" place, but boy am I glad I did, when a silly client says, just give me the same as last time ........... lol ........... you have no idea how often that happens or how about "what colour?" "whatever" ............ what on earth is a "whatever colour"  

Sometimes the devil flies in  me, well actually often, am getting ornery as I am getting older and less willing to take the dilly dally whatever of the youngster, earning triple my salary or more and thinks she is so very clever, but cannot even specify a colour of a file or ruler. So I ask who is it for? And if for a male sends a shocking pink ruler or something, just for the heck of it, you said "whatever"

And what is a normal pen? I ask what kind of pen, oh , a normal one. Really? What is normal to me, might not be normal to you. Really?

I got off track as per usual, so you know me, and know that happens, now where was I ?

It is a whole month since I got back from my mini-break with my bestest and I have not even shared pictures or anything with you. 

I have been busy catching up and doing my garden ready for winter. I have pea seedlings in and spinach, also carrot and turnips, the leeks are standing strong too, now. Have given up trying to grow cabbage and cauliflower, they simply will not do a head for me. I think our winters might be too short and too warm for that kind of vegetable. As it is, I kick-start my winter veggies in trays at the back of the warehouse where it is cooler, other wise I would reap soup veggies in spring only. 

Spring ..... *sigh* .......... I know I am privileged to live in the climate I do , but I do so hate that couple of months of cold weather. The sun is shining but the cold at night, gets to me and the houses never really seem to warm up during the day. If ever I get the chance to build my own home, would get out a Danish architect for the job. Have to win the Lotto first though. 

Okay back to our mini break, if you must. I picked Les up at 9am  Tuesday morning last week, and I was lucky to be able to take the Kia Sportage instead of the Opel. We were not sure, as we had trouble with the Caddy and did not want to leave Russell with just the Ford as an option.  First stop was the local village shop where we stocked up with dairy and perishables, we had packed all other requirements from home. Quickly popped into the liquir store and got some beers, in case it got hot and some whisky in case we needed to make a hot toddy, if it was cold. *grins* Of course we had our red wine with us too. Packed also was the ingredients for a nice Brunch when we arrived, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and eggs 

Big Creek Lodge is only one hour from home, but it feels like a different country. We drove through the Magaliesberg Hills and found ourselves in North West Province just before 11 am. 

The hosts were very welcoming and we were soon settled in our cabin, The Hadeda , as I had requested with views over the mountain and the dam, the small swimming pool to our right and with barbecue facilities too. Nice and compact, just right for the two of us, as we would spend  most time outside anyway. 

Of course the resident cat soon enough found the 2 suckers, that had just moved in and made herself at home too. It was evident the cat had given birth recently and had a litter somewhere, so we spoiled her and was rewarded with happy mjaws and purring. 

After brunch we went for a walk, the cat followed us and then started to make some strange moves, like she wanted me to follow her. She would come to my leg, mjaw, walk off, stop, mjaw, come back to me and do the same again, so we changed direction and followed the cat instead. Sure enough, she led us to a large clearing at the back end of the lodge and all of a sudden disappeared into some piled up bushes and branches, that had been cut and felled and stacked there, where did she go?  I called her and heard mjaws and the next thing she is in front of me, with 5 kittens about 7 weeks old, with huge eyes and purring noices. Both Les and I are cat lovers, but I have an affinity with animals, as you all know , that are strange to explain, so as I sat down, the cat got onto my lap with all the kittens and they started feeding right there. Now this has never happened before so of course this ole thing is now feeling responsible, as was probably Miss Kat's plan in the beginning. 

The next day we went off to Askari Game Ranch for a look aroudn. Had a glass of very expensive red wine on their veranda, enjoyed the warthogs and elephant. Was promised to see the big 5 there, but upon hearing of the cost involved in an official game drive, decided rather go back to the lodge for our lunch, a drink and a snooze. Have seen plenty of game without having to drive around seeing booma game, half tame, with a snotty ranger, "know it all". We will not be visiting there again.

The Thursday we went into Magaliesberg Town itself for some sightseeing. Gosh the place has sure changed since I last went there. It was Grant Day , meaning the first Thursday of the new month, pay out of social grants and pensions. Everyone's grandmother, grandchild, crippled friend and pregnant women were there in force. I found it highly entertaining and tried some candid camera shots,until I realised Les was extremely uncomfortable and a bit scared. 

I forget she grew up in Rhodesia and has a fear of a native crowd gathering. Has never bothered me and no one has ever harassed me in the townships on the contrary, but we are not the same with certain things. I fought against apartheid and segregation and for democracy, while it probably suited the English down to the ground to keep the natives where they were supposed to be, on the other side of the railway line. Sorry, if I offend anyone, just saying. 

We had a lovely 3 days off, way too much good food, loads of red wine, a lot of laughing and also some reminiscing and a bit of crying. Friends for 30 years and we have been through a lot together. Les loosing her first love and husband of 10 years when first we met, 2 small children, 9 and 5 at the time, me with my 5 year old and step daughter of 9 having twins, her then finding her second love and me having problems in my marriage, subsequently divorcing and meeting Russell and now her having to say good bye yet again to a loved one. Jeiks, friends are it, when trouble are there, in good and in bad. 

We talked and talked and talked. Did us both good. I talked out all the anger of my son and how he behaved and it subsequently led to, that I realised I was living with my ex-husbands ghost in the house.

I have not been around much lately as you all noticed, but the end of the story is that we had a sit down with son and girlfriend 2 weeks ago and asked them to move out. The sordid details are best left buried here, but it was not pleasant. They have found a place with a friend and just have one load left to fetch, then we can start renovating that flat and get a tenant in, to help pay the bills. It is a relief , that I have to admit. Yes, I have had a lot of guilt feelings, but deep down in my gut, I know this will be either the break or make of my son. He now has a responsibility and don't have me as a back up any longer. I have made it quite clear, that I love him, always will, he is my son, my only one but I do not like the man he has become and drastic changes has to take place before he is welcome here again. I pray it works. 

oh .... forgot the cat ............ as we were packing the car to leave, she comes running with a kitten in her mouth straight up to me, drops it, then runs off again to get another one, right down the bottom of the field. The owners were so surprised and we tried to explain, without much luck. The lady there don't really like cats ( we noticed, she kicked one cat of our patio on our first day, I was not impressed) ......... a box was found, Miss Kat and kittens packed up and off to Joburg we went. I found a place to have Miss  Kat sterilised, found a home for her and all the kittens have been homed too.  So nice ending on that story. 

Chat soon again ................ Hugs. 


  1. Maybe you should employ me....I'm great at filing!!! LOL.

    I'm glad you had such a great time on your trip with Les. That mamma cat obviously recognised the animal-loving spirit in you :-)) I'm so glad you found them all good homes.

    Must have been tough, all the drama with your son, but I think you've done the right thing. He has to learn to stand on his own two feet.

    1. Done, Mitch, you have a job. Pack your case and get your butt down here. *smile*

      Will try to be more active on here, have been fiddling and doodling on Facebook. Tooo time consuming and not really satisfying. More chit chat, but fun in some ways.

      Yep, it is hard to let go, my umbilical cord is screaming.

  2. you have been one busy lady...glad you spent time with your friend, you all have been through a lot together...hope your son gets straightened out

    1. Thank you Danette

      as for son, now make or break, I guess

  3. Dear Marianne..better late than never for me to read your post here.
    So much to take in but I do see the emotions twirling around through the post as I read. You are such an honest and Good wonder that mother cat singled you out.
    I was happy to read about your friend and yourself having such a relaxing and good time together. Funny how good friend can pick up after any amount of time and just be together like it was yesterday.
    Your weather is a bit like ours here and all the best with your vegie garden...I love the sound of the winter Spinach...pick some for me too when it is ready.
    God Bless. XO

  4. Congratulations, Marianne, you were one of the winners of this week's CYG...

    1. thank you Belita, got the email from you. Hugs. Mwah