Friday, 9 August 2013

9th August Happy Womans Day - South Africa.

Today, Friday 9th August, South Africa is celebrating Woman's Day

 I pray it will be a day where woman of all races, cultures and religions will come together and learn how similar we all are and embrace each other despite our differences. 

I pray, that we will learn trough our strength and compassion for each other to teach our young ones, our young girls to respect themselves , our young boys to respect their sisters and to protect them. 

I pray that today all men over the country will look upon their women and treasure them. I pray for all violence against women and children to be eradicated. 

I pray that the almighty will lift his hand and heal the anger in our men folk, to lift them up to him and show them, the wrong they are doing. 

I pray for healing of our country, for our leaders to see their wrongs and to right them, so we can all live together in peace and harmony and love in our Rainbow Nation.

 Blessings to all my darling friends scattered across the globe.

Have a wonderful Day. 


  1. A very Happy Woman's Day to you. The prayer is exactly what I wish for in this country too.

  2. Amen to all of that!! Happy Women's Day to you, Marianne.

  3. A very special Happy Womn's Day to you and all women in that country...

  4. A wonderful and empowered Women's Day to all of us who work to be strong women and especially in your country. ((hugs))

    The picture is wonderful.

  5. it should be a special day every day!!