Friday, 19 October 2012

A Smile and a Flag - repost

I got up early this morning at 6am to go down to the clinic for my half yearly blood tests, which has to be done fasting. Showered, dressed, just a bit of face cream and eye liner on, into the car and out of here by 6.30 am. was cold this morning, minus 1 C the temp said and there was frost on the grass by the church when I passed. 

Going onto the main road I marvelled at the early sunrise,  just glowing over the koppie and the sun shining into the car gave me a warm feeling of happiness. 

I am always a early riser, but spoiled working from home now and do not have to get into the car and go anywhere, unless I am off to see clients, but that is usually only at about 10 am. There was a lot of traffic, but I was driving against them, they are all rushing off to get on the highway and off to the industrial areas. 

The lab had moved, so had to walk the whole way through the hospital which was bustling with early morning chores, nurses gliding back and forth, early theatre cases being wheeled up. I feel at home in the hospital and know my way around, after all worked there for 5 years, even though that seems a lifetime ago. 

The nurses at the lab is fast and professional, they never hurt me, so I don't mind going there. We even shared a  joke and a giggle. 

Coming out of the parking grounds I spotted some Hadeda Ibis and of course had to go see if Laurel might be amongst them. I will never stop looking for that ring around a leg. 

Getting back onto the main road, the hospital is really only 5 minutes away, I realised bad idea, as now we had the school traffic. Gosh and we were sitting, in 4 lanes, stop start. I looked at the faces, grim and determined, they were, swapping lanes at the slightest chance. What for I am thinking, knowing under the  highway bridge, it will crawl down to 3 lanes and then 2 and then into 1 on 14th Avenue. 

Settling in for the long haul, I again hug myself for being so lucky not to have to do this trip every day. I did for years with the children at school and working out of town, but now I am so privileged.

We are chucking along, stop start, I am watching people, drumming their fingers on the steering wheel, sighing, fighting in the car with the kids or the kids fighting..............they all look bored or irritated, tired so early in the morning......................

well let's brighten things up a bit then................I start waving and saying hello as we go along , with a big silly smile on too.................all of a sudden others are smiling too and waving....................this is fun.................I turn the radio up a bit "I'm spinning around" is playing, so full volume and open the window a bit..................I see people laughing now, so get even sillier. On my back-seat is the South African car flag, that Kenneth gave me, for supporters Olympic 2012......................gets it and hooks it on the window, so nice blowing in the wind, by the time we reach my turn off, me waving bye bye and others hooting, the whole lane is now smiling. So I brightened somebody's day up a bit and got a happy feeling myself......................see.............what a difference just a smile and a flag can make. ...............................

......................oh dear, is that the ambulance from the mental asylum with the boys in white, behind me..........................?????????


  1. glad you made a difference in somebody else's day , marianne.

    1. am a bit silly like that, Gina, you will figure that one out, when you get to know me better lol

  2. I remember this one from Multiply. Still makes me smile :-))

    1. yes I remembered it, when I had my incident with the friendly parking guard yesterday and thought, that is one, that should not go in the trash can. Russell says, he cannot let me go anywhere without getting in trouble. He sure cannot rely on Kenneth either to keep me in check, he just smacks people with cucumbers, oh gosh where is that post and never mind Melissa, we get waylaid and get in trouble, staying out for hours taking pictures, where is that post. Must find them and share them here again. *smile*

  3. You really Are a darling Marianne. Not only were you enjoying yourself, you made a lot of peoples' day too. Wish there were more of you around everywhere.

    We all get tied up in our own little worlds and usually full of worry of one sort or another, we have forgotten how to laugh let alone smile.
    Thank you for the smile and giggle!

    I hope your blood tests are all okay.

    1. Everything was top notch fine, Thanks doll, this is a repost from June.