Wednesday, 3 October 2012


The very first thing to do in the morning is of course go and see how Blaze is. He is amazing, I bought him for Michelle for her 14th Birthday, when he was just 4 years old, He was a scrawny looking gelding, which I found in the local newspaper stabled on a plot on the West Rand. I could afford him, but was not really sure, but he had the sweetest nature and Michelle immediately fell in love with him, so we paid and took him home. He has served Michelle through Juniors Show Jumping and has won several prices in Showing as well. She took him with for a year to The Equestrian Academy in Summerveld, Kwa-Zulu Natal when she did her Equestrian Certificate after she finished her Matric. He has moved with her, she  has slept in his stable, he is her best friend and his birthday is 5th October where he turns 21. Is  he not beautiful ? Aaannnd He Loooooooves his Grammy ! I was kissed and pushed and snorted on and just about hugged by this wonderful horse when he saw me and I called " Blaze Boy, where are you?" He came running with a nicker so high that Wilfred burst into laughter " He knows you Ma !"

Wilfred looks after Michelle's 2 horses and also the grounds with the help of Wiseman, who was off that Friday morning. Wilfred's girlfriend Precious helps in the house, but she has just given birth to little Denzel and is off for a couple of months resting and  getting used to motherhoood. 

 Looking good for his age, hey ?

Lockmead, Michelle's new horse that she bought in Zimbabwe to ride Polo Crosse on.  He is not allowed near me, Blaze is so jealous it is comical. "My grammy", he clearly says, pushing Lockmead away, it was quite a mission trying to give them their feed as they both wanted attention and their bowl first. 

When I was visiting in 2010, we went to try Lockmead out and I am pleased to say, I was not wrong about my gut instinct. He is lovely and can turn on a tickey which is what she needs. 
They are in horse sickness at the moment, so to my great disappointment we could not take them for a nice out-ride down to the river. 

Twiggy the cat, also came with all the way from South Africa and made a new home in Bulawayo. She loves to lie in the hay by the horses, suppose the mice come for the feed and Twiggy catches them. 

this is Sabrina, a cat that came from the SPCA , she is lovely and so sweet, follows Michelle everywhere, much like my Mousie follows me.  

She looks like one of mine with all the dogs and the cats following her to the paddocks. 

We needed to go do some shopping for food, so went into town on the way , I had to yell at Gary to stop as I spotted a Grey Heron  on top of a lamp post. 

and in a tree sat a lonely Pied Crow, shouting for all and sundry to hear.........

I could not believe how the shopping centre had grown and expanded, you can get everything there now, US Dollars are used for currency, mainly, but you can pay in South African Rands and Botswana Pula as well, the tills automatically works out the currency and your change. If they are short of coins you get a Chappie or 2 (chewing gum) or some Toffees instead...........

The garden into the centre, provides a natural beautiful oasis. 

 Back home Michelle is squishing oranges the neighbour gave her, 

I am totally amazed at this old fashioned contraption, she found in the pantry when they moved works fantastic and soon we have  a 2 litre bottle filled with fresh juice for our break fast tomorrow. 

In the outdoor buildings they also found an old potters wheel, I assure Michelle I know how to use it and will show her how to make her own pots and bowls.She glares at me and tells me Janice, Gary's sister who is arty farty wants it, she has a kiln as well for her pottery. Oh well. I did try. the young of today??
It is time for  a night cap, the sun is going down,

I am totally finished and exhausted, we are having a Braai, (Barbecue) tonight. 

I am too tired to feel hungry  but make an effort as surely they have spend a lot of money on meat. 

Tomorrow we are going to Matopo Hills Reserve, I was there 2 years ago, so excited to re-acquaint, Kenneth has never been and has only looked on Google and reckons just some big rocks and hills. He sure has a surprise coming up. 

Until tomorrow when the story continues, that is if you are still with me and interested, even remotely?


  1. perfect cross post.... I love the story as I said on xply.... hugs....

    1. I can do it, I can do it *doing my happy dance*

  2. So much to see and comment on in that post, that I would be here all day. Anyhow very interesting to see life on the other side of the world. All those lovely animals, wild life and food. Even the supermarket is something completely different. Looks like you had a great time (with the camera). Am not a horsey person (sat on one once, but realised they breathe, are warm and alive) so that put me off, but beautiful animals.

    1. *grins* Russell says, they don't have brakes, I am not getting on !!

  3. Great post Marianne!! I love reading about your visit to see Michelle. Blaze is a beautiful horse, and it's so nice that he remembers you and makes such a fuss of you. Loved all the other animals, too. The shopping centre was kinda of a surprise to me. I guess I still have those images in my mind from only a few years back when the economy was in such crisis, shops were empty and money virtually worthless.

    1. Just got a text from Michelle. "Blaze is sulking as Grammy is not here for Birthday, please send me the carrot cake recipe for the birthday cake for horses' lol

      The shops are sooo much better, Mitch but the economy is still battling. All the locals use a barter system instead of money. Quite funny what Gary comes home with at times. *smile*

  4. i didnt see this on multiply yest. am sorry....! yest. was a tad busy day for me..and a bit moody what with nayantara gettin her test papers n all...i was feeling all bad mommy yest.

    loved loved loved this blog ! i love michelle's place...she looks so much at home and yes, one of yours...oh those them !
    every single picture and your words were a treat....xx

    1. aaaaaaaaaawww you poor baby, why did you not send a message, would have chatted you out of the mood. How did it go with Nayantara????

      Loooooooooves you. Hugs.

  5. marianne, it is always a singular experience to read about your life in south africa. like you i'm a transplant. your pictures are great. it's amazing how red the earth is in africa, reminds me of the desert in arizona. nice to see you here.

    1. Hi Gina, so nice of you to pop in, am happy you enjoy my blogs, you are welcome to come around and visit whenever you feel like it.

      Where are you transplanted from lol............did that come out right???

  6. I've no time to comment in detail but Marianne, this is a very interesting post. I wonder how you were allowed to take photos inside the supermarket. Something impossible to do in Portugal...
    Love all the photos and the descritption of your day is so vivid that for a while I had the illusion I had been with you all the day long...

    1. If there is no sign and you don't ask, no one can tell you no...............No??

  7. I too love how you do your blogs Marianne and like Belita, I felt I was with you all the way.

    Your /Michelle's horse is looking fantastic and my, what a welcome. Don't you just love it!

    Don't forget to follow the instructions I gave you re your page. You will be much happier when it is done. LOl

  8. I have just checked my page out. new instructions, much simpler.

    Go to design click
    pic of your page, click customise under it,
    click templates on your left
    click adjust width,
    right side bar set to max by sliding that white thing along. 490px
    entire blog bar set to 1270px.
    SAVE at right top, wait for it to say it is set then go to you page. Perfect.


    1. Thank you, have done it, does it look better now??? Must sort out the posts now into groups................jeiks, another job, but rather do it now, than having to do it 2 years down the line. Note to self "get organised old girl"

      ps Shayna, you missed the Matopo Blog ???