Thursday, 18 October 2012

Trash or Treasure??????

When on the South Coast in August visiting our daughter Kerry, we did a tour of some old shops with knick knacks antiques lost and forgotten items. 

I really liked this bench, if we lived down there, would have nagged till I got it. Reminds me of an old bench my grandparents had in their sunroom. 

My favourite haunt anywhere. For some reason old cups and old pots and old ornaments bring out the hoarder in me, I want to buy it all. Russell had to severely take me in hand and push me out of them, as I oohed and aaahed and covetted old rubbish. But you know the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure"  it all depends on how you look at it, and who you are. Right ? 

Liked these glass bottles, but the man just rolled his eyes at me. 

Could not believe it, look this old copper kettle, it is electric !! Want it ! Nope...............oooh

I took pictures of everything and some prints had caught my eye, but I did not even dare mention them to the man ; who by now was standing outside tapping his foot, he wanted to go to the beach and catch some fish. 

When we got back, I put my photos up and asked him to have a look at the snapshots. We both got very excited, looking properly and seeing the dates and the signature. We enlarged , zoomed and looked and then phoned Kerry to tell her to go buy all 4 prints for us and keep until somebody got there again. 

I wanted to share the pics long ago , but thought maybe wait till I actually had them in my hand here at home. 

Warren just got back from a business trip to Durban and picked prints up for us on the way. 

Cape Town 1908 - A mail train leaving Cape Town station for Johannesburg

Pretoria 1927 - Church Street, looking towards Church Square

Port Elizabeth 1932 - Plain Street 

Johannesburg 1954 - Intersection of Eloff and President Street. 

They are definitely prints of photographs, but I think the value is that they are signed. they have recently been re-framed as well. Now to find out who the photographer was. Nothing on Google I can see, have tried all search engines. The signature says Simon. Wonder if more in the series. Lucky we have a very long hallway , so down goes the prints of oil pastels of old Johannesburg, they need cleaning and reframing, anyway. 

What do you think ?? Trash or Treasure??


  1. I commented over on Multiply. Will have to start getting out of that habit. LOL.

    1. I have to stop cross posting and just post here, but it is so hard, so many friends are still there and not here yet or elsewhere. LOL

  2. TREASURE indeed Marianne. I wish I had been with you. I adore going to those places and seeing what I can find. Best treasure hunt there is.

    1. yes and there was still another 4 shops in the road, but we only went to 2 *sulks*

  3. oh Marianne I love them.... they are treasure....

    and that bench!!! you and I would have had a virtual tug of war.... so very neat stuff for sure....

    so glad you could just call down and have her pick up what you wanted! they will be treasured by you, and that is the most important thing.... xoxo

    1. you might have won the tug of war, that bench was heavy !!

      I am so excited about hanging them, but the prints in hall way is only 3 off, so will have to take nails out and reposition for the 4. Knowing the man, could take a while ! *sigh*

  4. i'm not a fan of old things preferring to buy new ones and giving away the old stuff to goodwill or salvation army. i do treasure the old prints. they would be something i would hang on my wall. i chuckled when you said the man is tapping his foot outside because he wants to go fishing. my husband does the same thing when we go shopping because i find it hard to make a decision in buying.

  5. uuuuuuuuuh, Gina, I love love love old stuff. you must see all my knick knacks, all with a story to tell. I am so not a modern girl ! If you come over, the man can take yours fishing and we can go shopping ???? At an antique store ? Or a curio shop, you would love that............I will shop, but not in a shopping centre, not for clothes and jewellery and I hate grocery shopping too.