Monday, 12 November 2012


The ATE Team in Amboseli Park in Kenya found this little baby elephant stuck in a well on 12th October this year. They had to act quick.Their rescue is amazing............ I subequently cried and laughed and cried again ......... it made my day, to think such dedicated humans exist amongst us, gives me hope. 


  1. Wow! Amazing !! Xxx hope you have a good week

  2. Oh dear Marianne, I am just a sentimental old lady sometimes. That was wonderful. And now to dry my eyes

  3. Wonderful!!! I was grinning like an idiot when she was reunited with mom:-))

  4. Elephants are most dear to me... I loved it, and trickled a few tears too... ;-)

  5. Marianne, I am all goosebumps, have tears in my eyes, and was sitting on the edge of my set urging them on yelling hurry hurry. What lovely YOUNG people who look after the animals.

  6. Marianne I read somewhere that the town of Betty's Bay have a penguin problem - nowhere near your part of the woods I think
    Penguin problem

    1. Hi Pat, yes you are right, Betty's Bay have a penguin problem, then again does Boulders Beach in Simons Town, Cape Town, always a problem when wild life and humans have to share a space, it is incredible sad to see , also there is an enormous Vervet Monkey and Baboon problem most of the way down the coast line, right from Durban to the other side of the Cape. Baboons have become incredible clever and can even open up car doors to steal stuff in the car. They grap food out the hands of children and in some suburbs, they have even managed to figure out burglar alarms and can get into the house through the roof tiles. I should actually do a blog about it, when time permits as sure you would all find it interesting though very disturbing.

      Betty's Bay is 80 km from Cape Town and very far from me, about 18 hours drive or a 3 hour flight. We have family in Cape Town and try to get down there every second year, but with our wedding last year and expenses, did not make it, the sisters came up here though. Russell's sisters, Joan and Helen.