Saturday, 24 November 2012

SUMMER RAINS ....................

Summer rains
     Split splat
           Plip plop

    Chirp  chip

Tinkle tinkle on the roof
       Splitter whoosh down the pipe

Brilliant green
    Grey and blue
        Fresh wet
            Rich earth

Smells slightly salty
      Memories of
            Sandy beach and
                 White topped waves

Pitter patter
Splish splash


Thunder rumbling
    Far away
         Lightning in the dark grey sky

Starling singing
      Early song
          Welcome to
               Another day


  1. Lovely post Marianne. I like summer storms. The ones I'm getting here are not pleasant. Thursday had a severe storm......70mph+ winds and rain that the word 'torrential' doesn't even come close to describing. Thankfully I live in an area that is not prone to flooding. Other parts of Wales got hit worse, with villages flooded and lots of trees blown down.

  2. I love you post Marianne. Wet, clean and so GREEN. Wow your plants look so lush.

    We have had a reasonable spring so far, lots of rain but not the drowning plants type. I think the cold wind has been the worst. I have even come to believe SUMMER is on the way. WooHoo! lol

  3. no wonder everything is so lush! splendid!

  4. Sounds like a song we leart at school! Lovely entry!

  5. I love that feeling of spring where everything seems so alive and growing, where the green colors are so vivid they seem surreal, and it's as if everything is awakening. Lovely post Marianne!

  6. Summer sunshine here today, a high of 25 deg C, clear blue sky, the freshness from the rain is evident in the air. It is wonderful today.

  7. Good morning my friend all we have here is winter rains and wind! Have a great week;)

  8. you know i am going to love this...all of it....the images and the visions it evokes....

  9. Very cool, Marianne! I love summer rain...
    Congatulations to this week's winner of our FUN! Go and get your award, LOL!