Tuesday, 12 February 2013


My new project. I will try one a day ..... I said try. Take a photo of anyone making a living in my town, an unusual way. Print it out, give it to him or her. Make a difference.

I started this on Facebook, due to the photograph of the beggar, remember him? 

Russell said, why don't you try find him , give him his photograph? 

I have not found him yet, I must report, but the local  newspaper has published his photograph as they found it of human interest *big smile*....................... with my luck, might get sued for royalties or something, for making me famous, yet again. LOL.

 I often have something published, sometimes they don't answer my mail even , though, suppose when I get too carried away ?

Day Number 1 — at Fairlands Jhb, South Africa.

 He was speechless when I gave him the photograph later.......but why , he asked?  I explained and he just beamed 

My new friend — at Fairlands Jhb, South Africa.
He is from Kenya originally, I simply love his paintings, covet the blue one for my bedroom, special price to me too, he says

Day Number 2- My new special friends friend, from Thabazimbi, he does reed screens and sells them at side of road too. — at Fairlands Jhb, South Africa.

My friendly petrol attendant had been watching me and wanted in on the action, so hence, meet Samuel.

right next to me at the petrol station were the local crime patrol, our SA Police, he wants to know what I am doing, so I tell him. He laughs "and me" ........... "sure Sir" .......... oh help what have I started?? — at Fairlands Jhb, South Africa.

Day Number 3 - 

wow, I am really having fun, meeting the people of my town, meet the Shoe Repair man,. He sits on the corner opposite our Kwik Spar.


 His name is Clive and he is from Zimbabwe , originally. Every second Sunday he also has a stand at the local flea market, he tells me . He makes shoes too. Look the sandla he made. Looked at my flat pumps and reckoned I needed new ones, showed me some lovely soft leather, he can die and make me a nice pair for R 350.00........but for you, he says , only R 300.00. *BIG SMILE*


My New Project - Day 4

My friendly carguard. I just adore him. He always has a smile, he watches my car, he helps with the groceries and he waves when he sees me " hello, my friend" .......... I seldom have cash on me, when I do , I tip him, sometimes I buy him a loaf of bread or some miliemeel. He fulfils an important role, does a good job and should be recognised for it, so many people tend to ignore the car guards, regarding them as a nuisance. Face it without them, the car might not be there when they come back. So I have made friends in every car park, at every centre and make a point of parking at the same place when I go shopping, so they get to know me.


My New Project Day 5 - Russell, my ever supporting man and greatest fan, took me to a corner where he had seen someone interesting


Meet Steve, he is from Zimbabwe originally. Wanted to know if daughter dear Michelle Murch, might have a job for him. He is homesick. After explaining project, he was more than happy to pose with the tools of his trade.

He earns a living with plastering, painting and other handy-jobs. Also the proud owner of 2 chainsaws, but only does felling of small trees and trimming branches as don't have a big ladder and no insurance, so too dangerous.


My New Project Day 6 ( I think?)

I must try to make an album just to add in, as one contact kindly suggested and also had a request to copy it to Blogspot. :-) Thank you for the encouragement, friends.

Not much happening, some vendors refused me point blank, they are scared of repercussions, suppose they are illegally here or not allowed to trade, I do not know. The broom and feather duster man, went white when he saw my camera and the lady selling table cloths, says she will get in trouble if in the newspaper. She hangs the goods over the fence into the post box's, I am not allowed to say where ..............


Instead please meet 3 ladies, with whom I have regular dealings in my daily life

Mumsa - my friendly post office lady, who expertly advices me how to best post my overseas parcels, safely and cost effective. She always has a friendly smile and a hello, how are you?

Mumsa from post office

Victoria - she likes the wares she sells, lipsticks, powders, nail polish and other cosmetics. I needed a clear polish only, she was disappointed and tried in vain to persuade me to get a red lipstick instead of my normal beige/neutral. 

Victoria from Beauty Value

Beate- she works in reception at my GP and had my script ready, so I don't have to bother my very busy lovely Doctor with my not important aches and pains. 

Docs are for ill people and while I might at times seem a bit crazy, doubt she could help me anyway. LOL

Beate from HealthWorx

See you all again tomorrow, for more stuff from my town


  1. What a wonderful idea!! I remember your photo of "Mr Arrested Cow". One of the funniest shots I've seen. It would be great if you could track him down again. A fabulous collection of photos!! From street-artists to police officers, I love how they all want to get in on the act (well, almost all of them). I hope this becomes a regular thing :-))

  2. Hi Mitch, will try , there is so many interesting people around if you just stop and look for them. Have quite a few ideas, hope they will all co-operate, not only that, but giving the photograph back to them................. priceless!! Absolutely so worth it. All warm and fuzzy happy inside, does wonders doing something positive for my own self being. See you tomorrow, I hope?

  3. What a great idea - hope you don't get arrested for taking unallowed photos. You would probably get into trouble in Switzerland if you started taking photos of people everywhere, but it is such a good idea. Really makes you feel like you are there.

    1. Thank you Pat, I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I do ask first! I have lots of ideas in mind, if the subject co-operates, will share with you all.

      It is a copy and paste from Facebook as one of my darling friends, pointed out to me, not alll of us are on FB :-)

  4. Great idea!!! The cow one is a hoot!!! It s wonderful to see more of your town and the people :) xxx

  5. I can't tell who is having more fun, you or the people you are photographing...wonderful thing to do!

    1. I am! *grins* ......... the man too. YOu just have to open your eyes and look around. We live in such a funny country for sure with such interesting diverse cultures and people.

  6. Excellent idea! So glad someone is still blogging on pure inspiration, not just posting things as responses to a theme in an online group!
    When you really take an interest in people, you will never get bored, Marianne. So much to dicover.
    My favourite it the first one..he has humour!

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I am happy you enjoyed it. I just have not had the energy to blog blog, but got picked out as I was posting on FB and not sharing here LOL

      I am never ever bored and never ever have been! Much too busy living!! Hugs you

  7. I really appreciate your great idea, Marianne! Very nice photos of some people of your town...

    1. Thank you Belita, pleased you like it and looked in to visit. Hugs

  8. ... am watching all at f/b but going to enjoy all that you post! So I will keep following!
    great idea and great shots!

    1. Thank you Mo, hopefully will get gong on this project again. Has been at a standstill for a week, too busy at work to get out. Hugs you.

  9. This is great, just started having your posts show up on my page from the multiply group.

  10. What? Now that is funny, Lyn, why would they all start showing up??? not to worry, if you like reading them, but cannot understand how?

  11. Well I went to facebook but saw this other blog so I got reading again. Enjoyed it all Marianne.