Saturday, 1 December 2012

Part 1 of Princess Mousie's New Adventures....................

Her Royal Highness Her Honourable Her Majesty Princess Mousie Mouse’s
New Adventures

For short and for the purpose of easy reading, we will call her Mouse in this new series of her adventures. I have not written for her for a long time as the loss of her partner in crime, Laurel the Hadeda Ibis last year in May, was hard to bear for us both (will do  a repost of those, when time permits, I did manage to save them from Multiply) and for a while she was not that fond of strolling around any longer. She did team up with Ally the German Shepherd and the 2 of them got up to some real mischief too, which you all remember from earlier this year.

I think, she became a bit of a Daddy’s girl, when Ally died and took to sleeping for hours in Russell’s office, either on the chair or in one of the drawers. Best place was on top of all his papers, but the huffing and puffing of a very angry indignant cat at being constantly moved, created chaos and discord in the peaceful office atmosphere.

This morning as per usual, Mouse is behind me with Kiera the Monster Dog as we go about our early morning duties. We have a constant conversation going:

“come Mouse”

“coming, coming, momsie, you know my legs are shorter than yours”

“Mousie Mouse, what are you doing now?”

“ aaaaaaaaaawwww, you make me crazy momsie, with this constant Mousie Mouse”

As I turn around the corner by the aviary, she is gone! ………… now what?  Cannot see the princess anywhere, I ask Kiera “ where did Mouse go ?”  ………….. Kiera sits with a bored look, one ear up and one ear down, as per usual “Yawns” “Up !”

What ? Oh dear, there is Mouse on top of the Gazebo roof, how on earth did she get up there?

“ Mouse what are you doing”

“momsie, I can see for ever up here, well nearly, not as good as the office roof, but closer to the trees…………. I can see the baby birds”

“no Mouse ! “

“am not doing anything, just looking!”

The tail is swishing and her little face is all scrunched up as she glares at me.

“I get the blame for everything”

By now she is marching up and down the roof, I am getting concerned she might fall.


Cannot figure out how she got up there and Kiera is looking with a quizzical expression on her face, she gives a couple of encouraging woofs to Mouse.

“ I can see Bella from up here, momsie” I can hear Bella, the neighbors Bull Mastiff, she is not my favorite dog as she was the instigator at the wall, when Allie and Kiera landed up having their altercation and we had to put poor old Allie to sleep.

“we don’t talk to Bella any more,  now come down, I have work to do”

Mouse is now having a problem, she is too high up to jump down, I still have no idea how she got up there and of a sudden, you can see, maybe the game is not fun any longer. She tries the one side, I hold my breath “ oh no, it is too high” her little paws are slipping on the thatch ………….uh eh eh jeiks, eish …………. The little face is concentrating and the fat compact body is scrunched up holding on with all four little paws curled and claws out.

She makes it back up on the top. Tail swishing defiantly, she glares at Kiera and me

“you two can stop laughing”

“ we were not laughing, Mouse, but I cannot reach you, you are up too high, try over here by the flower bed, I will put the dustbin for you to land on”

“Kiera was laughing, momsie, I saw it, she is just jealous, she is so big and clumsy and cannot jump like me”
“Kiera is a dog and dogs don’t jump onto roofs, Mouse”

“pppppfffffffffttt, stupid dogs, I do love Kiera, but sometimes, momsie, she makes me soooo cross”

I say nothing, just smile to myself, watching Kiera hold her breath as her beloved baby, Mouse, is balancing up there. When we brought Mousie home with us as a surprise, Kiera was besotted with her and would happily babysit the little furry bundle. This huge dog, with the unlikely nick name of Monster Dog, has a heart as soft as butter where this little cat is concerned.
(Kiera "babysitting" Mousie in January 2010.)

I move the black dustbin up and over and show Mouse that if she comes this way, it is not so far.

“watch out, here I come” ……………………… swush, here lands Miss Mouse safely on all four paws right in the flower bed, slipping first down the thatch, literally swinging by her tail into the Cabbage Tree, on 2 paws and then plonk onto the ground……………….

How on earth? I am always amazed of the agility of this little thing, yet she cannot jump onto the window sill by the kitchen and come through the window, as the other cats do, it is too high for her short legs to get up to, so we keep a window open in our bedroom for her.

Kiera yelps …………I turn around and start laughing in earnest now as Mouse on full speed, jumps up as she zooms past Kiera and swipes her one on her nose. Kiera’s face is a study of indignity as she slouches past me, with her tail between her legs. Mouse is leading the way bouncing up the driveway, while we follow ………………

After such a busy start to the morning , Mouse climbs back into bed and refuse to move.............


  1. "Ha, why can't we climb trees Mrs. Human?"
    "No way Nera, those birds are there to be fed and not as a supplement to your lunch."
    "But Princess Mousie can climb up roofs. I have decided I am emigrating to South Africa."
    "Nera they have snakes and elefants in South Africa."
    "Ok Mrs. Human, I will think about it."

    1. "momsie, tell Nera that we don't have any elephants in our garden"

  2. That's quite an adventure for a small cat. No wonder she looks all tired out in that last shot :-))

    PT challenge is now posted.

    1. she is so tiny, but I weighed her today, she is 5kg !!! No wonder Russell calls her Pudding ! *smile*

  3. Aw, now how can such an adorable thing get into so much mischief? (the cat not you) ;))

    1. *splutter* ........... I am not adorable ????

    2. *winks* just checking........... hot chocolate anyone?

  4. Oooooooooh, what a lovely blog Marianne. Loves your little Mousie to bits.
    Psssst, Minx is on the windowsill in my bedroom and can't see what I am writing.
    Mousie is so pretty and fluffy, Minx is smooth and not so cuddly. *unless she want's something of course.* She loves being brushed every night and will pester me until I get ger brushes out. *smile.*

    1. Mousie hates being brushed, but we have to , otherwise she gets matted. I hide and Russell brushes her in bathroom. YOu are lucky that Minx like to be brushed.

  5. Minx is the first short haired cat I have ever owned. Champers, *Champie* was a Persian without the flat face and Muffin was one too but with the flat face. Tammy, my miniture Collie of course long fur too. Was so used to brushing them over the years so Minx gets it too. She smooches and smooches until she gets what she wants too. Walks all over my desk and really gets in my face, what a sweety. LOL