Monday, 10 December 2012

Is he in hospital or at home, with doctors in attendance ?????

Doctors flew to Mandela in Qunu

2012-12-09 10:00
Former president Nelson Mandela is back in hospital, but there is “no cause for alarm”.

Presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj announced this in a statement issued from Tanzania yesterday.

Maharaj said Madiba (94) was admitted to a hospital in Pretoria “to undergo tests”, but would not disclose which hospital.

“Madiba was doing well and there is no cause for alarm.”

But those close to, or associated with, Mandela seemed to be in the dark and in the Eastern Cape there was confusion about Madiba’s movements.

South African Air Force sources yesterday told City Press that no flight from Mthatha had been undertaken with Madiba on board.

Maharaj insisted Madiba was in Pretoria.

City Press has learnt that the medical staff in charge of Madiba’s health decided in February, the last time he was flown to Pretoria for tests, that he would no longer travel by plane because of his frail health.

At least three military planes have flown to Mthatha since Friday, with doctors and medical equipment on board.

The first was on Friday when Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe was due to visit Madiba, but eventually he declined to go and the plane left with a general from the South African Military Health Service and another doctor on board.

Yesterday morning a second team of doctors left for Qunu from Air Force Base Waterkloof in Pretoria, accompanied by a Hercules C30 cargo plane with medical equipment and an ambulance on board.

About 20 additional medical personnel were also on board.

At 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, where Madiba was admitted in February, there was no unusual activity last night and reporters were allowed entry to the hospital.

In February, journalists were kept far away from the hospital entrance.

Ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Madiba’s daughter, Zindzi, were at the Soweto Derby at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg when the news broke. They were unaware of his medical situation.

Sello Hatang, spokesperson for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, said he didn’t know about Mandela’s hospitalisation.

“They have issued a press release?” he asked when told about Maharaj’s statement.

ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza was also unaware of Madiba’s hospitalisation when asked for comment.
City Press phoned several family members who all declined to comment.

Maharaj said Mandela had been flown to Pretoria yesterday. He could not say how long Mandela would spend in hospital.
- City Press


  1. Sounds a little confusing ... I wonder if perhaps these are his last days and they are wanting to keep it private ... amongst family etc ....

    1. precisely what I also thought, Lynne. All we can do is pray for him and his family. The last thing we need right now is Madiba leaving us, just with ANC Mangaung coming up. The Sharks are out already. *sigh*

    2. I dread to think what will happen once he does go ... BIG ~sigh~

    3. you live where??? capetownrose? not in Capetown, me thinks ??

    4. LOL. Marianne. Try England :-))

    5. There is a Cape Town in England????????? Sorry to be silly, but just realised I don't think I know Lynne, but welcome here, anyway, you are.

  2. I hope he is in everybody's thoughts and Prayers he is in mine;)

    1. yep, no idea, a time we have dreaded for a while, could be closer than we think. No one lives for ever. For us still here, this is a reality, we have to face and live with, whatever might happen.

  3. Sounds like a lot of effort is going into keeping his whereabouts unknown. Sounds like it may be more serious than they are letting on.

    1. that concerns me too, but all we can do is pray for him. He is not young anymore, we have to come to terms with it.

  4. It does sound very secretive. But I can understand wanting some privacy, especially when not doing well.