Thursday, 6 December 2012

Birds of a feather .................

It always amazes me that the birds in the garden knows me so well ............... early morning, just after 6am when I have finished feeding the budgie babies (yes we are still feeding, now 
4 1/2 weeks) 

Look at me now, 5 weeks old, feathers and a smile, a real little charmer
Boomer can also fly ............. nearly ready to eat on own.........


Boomer, baby 4 at just one week old........... Baby 4 - day 9

Is it not amazing, I am exhausted yes, but looking at the progress, so worth 
it ............. we lost baby number 5 *sniff* little Poppet got a sour crop infection 
on the 10th day and after antibiotics and a vets visit at great cost, gave up
the fight on day 18. Melissa fought so hard for the little one, every hour, a drop
of cool chamomile tea and antibiotic, trying to clear the infection. 

So very small and yet we managed for 18 days, if not for the infection, would have 
been another success.

 Baby 3 and Baby 5 on day 8 before the infection

Baby 3 and 5 - day 8

We buried her in the vegetable garden under the white bougainvillea where I had 
to bury Pookie, our first hand reared mousebird a couple of weeks ago. 

When finished with the inside birds, off I go with my plate of  goodies .....bonemeal, paw paw, banana, apple, cheese, cucumber and bread crumbs plus the full seed bottle. ............... as soon as I walk down the stairs in my blue dressing gown ...there is a flutter of wings and the tree is full, plus on the lawn in front , waiting...........................

"We see her"  ......................shouts the lookouts, 2 speckled mousebirds
right on top of the old tree..................

2 lttle mousebirds early morning

"There she comes............."         shouts the   Dark-Capped Bulbuls

Dark capped bulbul

"me first, me first"........ begs the Olive Thrush waiting on lawn as I always 
throw her a couple of pieces first, she has babies in the bush behind the bird
 bath, need to feed them so she gets first so she don't have to fight the others 
for a piece. 

Olive Thrush

The Hadeda Ibis also enjoyes a piece of bonemeal, I am still looking for a ring on the 
leg .........missing Laurel ..........I think this one is Kevin, he is very tame.........

Hadea on lawn with bonemeal

We are discussing this morning's menu, I think ?

Mr Weaver and Mr Bulbul

Good Morning ........

Birds of a feather

Fiscal Shrike enjoying some bonemeal

Fiscal Shrike

there is space for everyone at the bird table................... 

 Red Bishop and House Sparrow sharing the bread crumbs IMG_3664

now that is the start of my day.....

.............quickly get the breakfast tray for the man and get showered , dressed and into 

the office.............


  1. I have never seen baby budgies before. We had a couple when I was a kid, but they were on their way to becoming bigger. Lovely selection of birds you have in the garden. Most of ours have now gone to warmer countries (like South Africa?), and only the hard guys stay around for the Winter.

    1. I posted a blog some months ago on Multiply , with twice weekly shots into the budgie's nest box, guess you missed it. So ugly it is cute and so helpless and innocent.

  2. What a wonderful assortment of birds you have! Love the close-ups of your hand fed babies.

    1. Thank you Vic for popping in , long time no see, what you up to?

  3. Good afternoon wonderful shots and a great read with my coffee thank you;)

  4. I've never seen these before! How cool! Great blog xxxox

    1. Tx Marci ... come on over, will show you loads more.

  5. That's a great pic of Boomer at the top, such a cheeky look :-)) I love all your garden visitors, so many colourful birds. How lucky you are.

    1. Boomer is very cheeky, so funny too. He bites me, sits on my hand and grasps the syringe, wrong way around and then nips my hand as he cannot get it. *smile*

  6. yay, this looks like a zoo to me! especially your first images are utterly cute! i love birds too :-)

  7. not quite a zoo, no, but bird haven yes. One of my big passions, Amalie, thank you for popping in.

  8. You certainly love your birds and I can see why Marianne.
    Gorgeous photos. I love bird calls and find them very soothing to listen to.
    Please send your email address to me vis FB. I will make you a co author on Garden Gurus. Thanks Sweetie. xo

    1. done it .......... thank you Milli, looking forward to that. yes totally feathered brainless bird silly and no secret either *grins*

    2. Your birds are well fed! Lovely post - thank you.

  9. Such colourful birds, Marianne. Love the pictures

    1. Thank you for popping in, Anthony. It is nice to share with people that appreciate. *smile*

  10. Thank you for a wonderful story and pics! You made my foggy morning so much brighter, thank you so much!

    1. Thank you Lisa for the message, this is such an old post I am surprised anyone found it. Sunshine here by us, but cool today. Just the start of winter but only 12 deg C today. Wherever you are, wishing you a wonderful day.

  11. Responses to this coming into my inbox! That's the beauty of Blogger!

    1. That is so strange, it is a post from 2012 :-) I think time to start blogging again, I miss it.

    2. So do I. And it's gentler than Face Book which I am at odds with at the moment!!